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    SMTP vs E-mail Client for FM 10 pro



      SMTP vs E-mail Client for FM 10 pro


      Hi Gang, we are trying to send emails to 800 people who have signed up to receive info about an upcoming green expo conference in LA.


      We have FM 10. it is on my iMac, we do  not have  FM Server. Just my iMac.

      We have Verizon internet and we are hosted by GoDaddy.


      We tested our email  system using inter-office emails with SMTP and sent 3 emails at once to ourselves for testing and everything went out and was received just fine.


      We then sent out about 140 emails using SMTP, each email had a 1MB pdf attachement. I don't think all the SMTP ones ended up being delivered, (no "out of office" replies or bad emails came back) so we switched over to E-Mail Client and re-sent the 140 emails. Then we got some "out of Office" and a few bad emails.


      It is easy, but how do I know if the emails actually went out? How could we send interoffice SMTP and have it work just fine, then have it "apparently" not work on 140 emails?


      What are the Pros & Cons of each system? Why do we need 2 systems? Is there a tutorial somewhere?


      Scratching my head with both hands...

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          You could try including a bcc to yourself on each email which might help in knowing if they actually went out. 


          You may want to also check with Verizon, when you are ready to send all 800 emails, to see if they have a per day limit on the number of emails you can send. If they do have a limit, you will have no way of knowing when the bulk mailing reaches its limit without including a bcc address.

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            Let make sure I understand what you have done so far. You have successfully send an email from FileMaker to your internal addresses right?  If you are having issues sending emails to outside your domain i.e. @yahoo.com.  I would test basic email functionalitiy first.  What I mean by that is remove FileMaker out of the equation and make sure your SMTP Server is doing the job.  if you do have Internet connecitvity SMTP resides on DNS so you have to make sure that your SMTP Server can make recursive DNS Queries.  Before I get to involved with all that Networking Jazz.  Let me know if you can send email fine with an email client to an outside domain via your SMTP Server.

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              Sending hundreds of emails is likely to get you in trouble with your ISP for spamming.


              Consider using an email service such as discussed here and you may also find this useful.