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    Snap to grid?



      Snap to grid?


      Using FM Pro 12 advanced.

      It seems that even when I have snap to grid and snap to guides set to off, FM is snapping to something. I can use the [command] + mouse to move smoothly, but I'd like to not have any "snap to" behavior ON. 

      How do I do this?



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          I see what you mean.

          On my XP system, I selected the show grid option and found that I could not drag an object to position it between the grid lines unless I held down the Alt key while dragging. Minor grid steps where set to 1, Major to 6 and objects appeared to snap to the major lines even with snap turned off. If I increased the major and minor grid intervals, however, I could then drag to positions between the major grid lines--suggesting that there is some minimum increment to which you can drag unless you hold down a modifier key. I also found that if I zoomed in, I could drag to smaller grid increments.

          I don't know if this is a bug or "by design".

          You may want to repost this in Report an Issue (see tab at top of this screen), to see what the Filemaker techs say. You can include a link to this thread to save typing.