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    Snapshot link help



      Snapshot link help


           Can't seem to get Snapshot Links to work, because I disabled the status toolbar in all layouts.  Is there a workaround?  I don't want to enable the status toolbar if I don't have to. Thanks.

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               Can you describe how you are trying to use this feature in more detail and how it is not working for you?

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                 Sure.  I basically want to be able to send a "link" to a record. For example, I'm reviewing James Smith's record and have a question for a coworker regarding this record.  I want to click a button that opens the email dialog, to send to the coworker, containing a link to that record so they can click the link and be taken to that record. 

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                   So is the issue that you are unable to save a snapshot link?

                   Hiding/locking the status area should not have any effect on this.

                   Using FileMaker12 in Windows XP, I hid the toolbar and then tried to save a snapshot from the file menu and using a script.

                   Both methods successfully created a snapshot link file.

                   If attaching the snapshot link file to your email is an issue, you can use a variable to specify the file path to which you saved the snapshot link and then you can refer to the same variable in Send Mail (click the attachment check box) to link it to the email being sent by that script step.

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                     I can save/send the links, but cannot open them because I hide and lock the status toolbar  in all layouts.

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                       Interesting. From the dialog that pops up, this is a known limitation of snapshot links.

                       How are you opening the snapshot link? Must the user do so from the FileMenu?

                       I'm thinking that you might be able to gin something up where the user clicks a button and a script opens the snapshot link. If so, the script could expose the status toolbar, open the snapshot link file and then hide/lock it again.

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                         Opening the snapshot link from an email.  Is there another way? Perhaps emailing a record number for the recipient to open?  What I don't like about the snapshot links is the fact that it opens a new window (at least in FMGO).  The typical user isn't going to realize what is going on and will occupy a bunch of open records unintentionally.

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                           It works that way in FileMaker Pro also.

                           You could email the Primary key of a record to use to find this record, but it won't be an automated process, the user would have to copy and paste the value into a field in the database in order to perform a find for it.

                           I don't use this snapshot links much so have been experimenting.

                           A possible option for opening this is to use the OnWindowOpen script trigger in File Options to check and see if the newly opened window has a specific name--the filename given to the snapshot link file. If so, the script could switch the user to a layout where the navigation buttons on the layout will close this extra window when the user clicks them to do something more with the database.