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    Snapshot Link not opening remotely



      Snapshot Link not opening remotely


      Using FM Server v 11.3 on (Lion OS X v. 7) and Client 11v.3 on Snow Leopard or Leopard, I send a snapshot link by email which opens perfectly IF the recipient is on the same local network as the FM Server.  But if the recipient is connected to the server over TCP/IP from a remote location, they get the following error message:

      "The file xxx.fp7 could not be opened.  Either the host is not available, or the file is not available on that host."

      Can anyone shed some light on this? Thanks very much.

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          I assume it is the same as linking to a container field's contents which were tagged to be 'linked' rather than embedded.   If that is the case the pathname to the database will need to be the same for all clients.  Presumably those inside the network see the IP as, say, but the external session will see it as the host's external IP address.

          What happens if the remote client already has the file open?

          I am guessing (stress on the 'guessing') that you will have to connect to the file with a VPN which will let the remote client see the host as it is named on the network, or as, the same as other local network clients.

          But I could well be talking rubbish.

          (OK: I've done a tad more research.  I saved a snapshot file and opened it in Notepad to see what's there, and yes the filepaths that I see would not be available to a remote connection.)

          Could still be talking rubbish, though.

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            Thanks very much--that was the problem.  When I had both the sending and receiving computers connect to the FM Server using the dynamic dns address, the snapshot link worked. I now have to ensure there isn't too much of a performance hit for that local client to connect via that less direct route.  

            Alternatively, do you think there is any way to edit the path (and build that re-naming into a script) of the snapshot link so that it conforms to the dynamic dns address instead of the internal 192.168 type address? That way, I could leave the local client to connect directly to the 192.168... address.

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              I agree with your concern - no point in taking a hit on internal perfromance if you can help it, for the sake of a snapshot.

              To test the theory incrementally, what happens if you open the snapshot in Notepad and edit the IP address?  At least that would prove if it's worth trying to figure out how to do that.

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                     Has anyone come up with a solution to this issue since this request was posted a couple of years ago? I also would prefer for my remote users to connect via a dynamic address, as opposed to VPN, yet still be able to use a snapshot link.

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                       Did you try editing the IP address contained in the SnapShot?

                       When you say you want the users to connect to a dynamic address, how will they be doing that, if the address is dynamic?