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    Snapshot Links?



      Snapshot Links?


      Do these snapshot links actually work?

      I have yet to have success.

      attached is my set-up, 90% of the time it takes you to the layout but not the specific record?

      What am i doing wrong?


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          I see nothing wrong with your script, though I see no reason to use a global variable for the path when $Path will work just the same in this context.

          I am getting the same result with a manual save as snapshot link using WIndows 7 and FileMaker 13.05. This should be reported as a bug over in Report an Issue.

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            I used a Global bc its apart of a SMTP email script, but might not need it either way? Snapshot links would be an amazing function if they worked...


            Thanks Phil

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              They've worked for me before though I haven't had much need for them so your post is the first to draw my attention to the fact that they seem not to work with "current record" in at least the current version--hence the need to report this over in Report an Issue.