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Snapshot Views - Calendaring View?

Question asked by Lex262 on Oct 10, 2008
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Snapshot Views - Calendaring View?



So I'd like to be able to see the multiple records (not in table format) on the same view. I've seen this done and have tried to copy the application/design, but can't figure out how a record is displayed in anyway other than in table format.


I'd be selecting records that all had a common week number. So I would want to scroll through/select on this record a set of arrows to move me left and right through the weeks of the year. Each week displaying it's associated 7 records which I hope I can visually layout to look like a typical Calendar (7 squares shouldn't be hard to design for this) for user's ease displaying only a couple of key fields from each record for each of those shown.


Once this is figured out, I would want to extend that a step further and provide a month view showing all records withing a common month, preferable in Calendar view - the problem here of course is that formatting a calendar to "look" correct may not be all that simple, since months start and end on different days of the week. With the "week" view in my previous paragraph, it's easier because my week view is always the same 7 days.


Thanks for those who've helped so far, this forum's been a great source of support.