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So basic as to not even be a newbie-level question

Question asked by pareidolia on Feb 20, 2009
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So basic as to not even be a newbie-level question


Please forgive the massive ignorance attached to this post. I do not own FileMaker but I will be happy to buy it if it looks like it will help me achieve a goal.


There is a historian I know who has a database made in FileMaker (no telling how old his version might be; it is Mac-based), and the database has 20,000 entries.


It is his desire to be able to export this into a format that can be sold, either on DVDs or web-based, and used by people who don't own the software. 


All that I am familiar with are Word docs, pdfs and html docs. From a small amount of research I did on the web, pdfs created in FileMaker are huge.


Can anyone tell me in layman's terms if I could (fairly easily) accomplish this, with the purchase of the software? If it makes a difference, I own both Mac and PC so could work in whichever platform would do the job the easiest.


TIA for any help you can send my way. This man is incredibly deserving of help, and I would love to be able to lend a hand.