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    So, do i need relationships in this db?



      So, do i need relationships in this db?


      Lets say i have those tables:  

      And for this example i have a table with i store emails, and some site registrations in "other sites"

      This table have a field "registered at". This is the email that the account in this site is registered.

      So one site have one email "registered at" and one email can be used in many sites.

      One to many relationship. Right?

      Two Questions:

      First, one-to many can be created only if i have in e field checked the option "Seral Number" in Auto-Enter?

      If i do not select this, in relationships shows me many to many:

      How do i create one-to-many without serial number option?

      And second, why, WHY i need to create a relation if works and without?
      I just create from menu file-->manage-->Value Lists a new list from source table "email accounts" and field "__pkFull_Email_Address" and setup the layout in table "other sites" at field "registered at", a pop up menu and selecting the new list i just created.

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          You are using a relational database. Trying to set up a database with this many tables and no relationships is pretty much like trying to use a car without any engine. wink

          Your relationship is NOT a many to many relationship just because there are "Crows feet" on both ends of the relationship. FileMaker can only go by the field options specified. If you do not restrict a field in field options to unique values only or set it up as an auto-entered serial number, then it might be possible for this field to be the "many" side of a relationship as there is nothing at the data level part of your design to prevent the creation of duplicate values in this field. That does not mean that you can't design your user interface in such a way that only unique values are allowed for this field and thus it is actually the "one" side of a one to many relationship. It would then function just fine as a one to many relationship even though it is not labeled as such in Manage | Database | Relationships.

          A true "many to many" relationship actually require either a third "join" table placed between the other two tables in the "many to many" relationship or the user of a "multi-value key" field--which lists multiple match values separated by returns in a single field.