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So, do i need relationships in this db?

Question asked by ConnorMacLeod on May 3, 2015
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So, do i need relationships in this db?


Lets say i have those tables:  

And for this example i have a table with i store emails, and some site registrations in "other sites"

This table have a field "registered at". This is the email that the account in this site is registered.

So one site have one email "registered at" and one email can be used in many sites.

One to many relationship. Right?

Two Questions:

First, one-to many can be created only if i have in e field checked the option "Seral Number" in Auto-Enter?

If i do not select this, in relationships shows me many to many:

How do i create one-to-many without serial number option?

And second, why, WHY i need to create a relation if works and without?
I just create from menu file-->manage-->Value Lists a new list from source table "email accounts" and field "__pkFull_Email_Address" and setup the layout in table "other sites" at field "registered at", a pop up menu and selecting the new list i just created.