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Solution Crashing In FMGo When taking photo

Question asked by MatthewMackay on Feb 11, 2015
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Solution Crashing In FMGo When taking photo


My solution is used on several different iPads using FMGo 13. Recently the solution has been crashing (exiting back to the iPad home screen) intermittently when taking a photo. It seems to happen most often when pointing the camera upwards, the photo is taken and then FMGo crashes.

All iPads are up to date and using the latest version of FMGo 13.

I have come across a problem like this before and the advice was that the file had become corrupt and I needed to create a new version of the solution from scratch, copying layouts etc as much as possible.

Is there any easier way to rectify a problem like this as my solution has become quite complex and recreating it will take a lot of time.