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    Solution Documentation Techniques



      Solution Documentation Techniques


           The comments for the Relationship Graph are fairly useful, the //comments in calculations are great, the usefulness of the comments in scripts are ok but pretty limited.

           Does anyone use the area to the right of a layout that isn't seen by the user as a place to store permanent comments and documentation for the layout.  Is there a downside to doing this?

           I would love to hear how others document their solutions. 

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               Anytime I add objects to the layout that are not readily visible, such as an iPhone layout where auto-size anchors "slide" objects left or down out from behind an opaque object when the phone is rotated, I add layout text to the right of the layout boundary noting the presence of the hidden object(s).

               You can also add layout text right over the top of the layout noting key details if you use conditional formatting or FileMaker 13's Hide Object When setting to turn the text invisible when you leave layout mode. (a single row of 12 pt text set to 120+points by a conditional format will be invisible).