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    Solution for an Apple



      Solution for an Apple



      I have made a solution file for a pastor friend.

      I have FM11Pro. I thought I would compile it and email it to him.

      It turns out he has an apple computer but I have the pc version.

      Will the file work if I put the pc folder (compiled folder) on his apple computer.

      If not, what will I have to do to make it work for him?


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          By "compiled" you mean you've generated a runtime system?

          Then, no, a runtime system "bound" on a PC will not run on a mac.

          If you make a temporary install of Filemaker advanced for Mac on his computer, you can bind the file on his machine, then uninstall FileMaker Advanced--leaving a run time system that will work on his machine.

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            Thanks Phil.

            Yes, I mean runtime not compile (what do you call the act of runtiming?).

            Is there a discount price for an apple version if you have a pc version. I may go buy an old apple if so.

            So to make sure I have it right.

            1. I download a trial version on his apple.

            2. I email my pc solution.fp7 file to him.

            3. I save the attachment on his system.

            4. Using the trial version of fp11 Pro, I open the solution.fp7 file on his apple.

            5. I choose tools, developer utitlities etc. and compile the fp7 file on his system.

            Then the solution folder will work on his system.

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              You can't do this with regular FileMaker, only FileMaker advanced which is not available as a trial version. When you purchase this version of FileMaker, I believe you'll get installers for both Mac and PC systems.

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                I took a look at FileMaker's product pages; they are pretty, but are missing some important info. I am not entirely sure if some of the below violates any licensing restrictions. I should know, but my knowledge of the intricacies is about as complete as FileMaker's product page info :-|

                1. There is no trial version of FileMaker Pro Advanced.

                2. Both the Mac and PC versions are on your install disk.

                3. So you could temporarily install your FileMaker Pro Advanced on his Mac, create the runtime, then remove FileMaker Pro Advanced.

                4. Get a Mac

                5. Ask someone with a Mac if they would create the runtime.

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                  You've got it. I don't think you'd be violating the license agreement either, but then I'm neither a FileMaker Inc. employee nor a lawyer.

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                    Thank you for your posts.

                    You would only be violating the license agreement if you copied FileMaker Pro Advanced onto a customer computer and left it.  Therefore, follow step #3 from "Fenton Jones".  That is,  install FileMaker Pro Advanced on the Mac, create the Runtime, and then remove FileMaker Pro Advanced from the Mac.

                    FileMaker, Inc.

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                      Thanks everyone for our help.