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Solution for Auto Populating

Question asked by NetDude on Jan 2, 2013
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Solution for Auto Populating



Use Case:


     Create a layout for Adding Vendor data so that a user can evaluate 6 Components (Tab Control) and their associated functions (portal control) for each component. Each vendor will always be evaluated based on all Components and their associated functions. 


Vendor Table:






Component Table





Function Table

     For each component there are associated function stored in a seperate function table

     sf_id (Auto Num)

     sc_id (Is the ID from the component table associating the various components)



     There is a forth table for tracking all of this data for each vendor that must be auto populated based on the total number of component and associated function records (found in function table) once a new vendor record has been created.


Vendor_Evaluation Table

     ven_id (from Vendor table)

     sc_id (taken from Function table)

     sf_id (taken from the Function table)

     function_name (also taken from the Function table)







     How can I auto populate the Vendor Evaluation Table with records from other tables once a new record has been created in the Vendor Table. For example the following example shows same vendor with multiple entries for each possible Component/Function 



     Record One Vendor_Evaluation table

     ven_id 1 = 1

     sc_id = 1

     sf_id = 1

     function_name = "EMR Integration"


     Record Two Vendor_Evaluation table

     ven_id 1 = 1

     sc_id = 1

     sf_id = 2

     function_name = "PMP Integration"


     Record Three Vendor_Evaluation table

     ven_id 1 = 1

     sc_id = 1

     sf_id = 3

     function_name = "Other Integration"


     Record Four Vendor_Evaluation table

     ven_id 1 = 1

     sc_id = 2

     sf_id = 1

     function_name = "ERX Refils"