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Solution for Toggling between Imperial and Metric Units?

Question asked by doronkipper on Jun 18, 2013
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Solution for Toggling between Imperial and Metric Units?


     I am designing a Filmaker Database for recording measurements.

     A simplified example of the main data entry layout:

     Height:   [feet field] FT   [inches field] IN  = [Calculation combining the feet-inches fields]

     example in use:

     Height: [ 5 ] FT  [ 11 ] IN = [ 5'11" ]


     Behind the scenes, I have a calculation field converting the Feet-Inches measurement to Meters.

     I'm looking for a way to create a button that toggles the data entry from Imperial units to Metric units.  The best thing I can think of is to set up the layout like this:

     Height:   [feet field] FT   [inches field] IN     [meters field] m  = [Calculation combining the feet-inches fields]  [meters field] m

     and set-up conditional formatting to make the imperial or metric field invisible when a record setting is applied.

     This is clearly not a great idea since users can still enter data in an invisible field....and there will be a big gap on the layout when one set of fields is not in use.  

     I'm trying to avoid creating 2 different layouts because the overall solution will have many measurement fields, and Ideally I'd like to be able to toggle between metric and imperial on any given measurement set.  Another wishlist item would be to be able to enter the feet-inches....and when you toggle, the meters field that appears already has the converted value...and vice versa.

     I don't know if any of this is possible....but it seems like something that should be possible with the right design.


     Is there any way to stack fields on a layout, and only make one visible and available for data entry based on a condition or script?


     I'm using Filemaker Pro 12


     Thanks for any advice you can provide.