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Solution to "Save Summary Calculation" in Another layout

Question asked by AimenYounus on Apr 14, 2013


Solution to "Save Summary Calculation" in Another layout



     i am using Filemakerpro 12.I am creating a database which contains summary of different projects in a company in a Tranch .

     let me give you a clear pciture of what is happening:

     1-Layout "type" saves summary respective to types of a project in a company i.e type A,type B ,Type C etcc

     2-Layout "company" saves a summary of all the projects in it.The companies names are ABC,DEF,GEH,etcc

     3-Layout "tranch" saves a sumamry of  a comapny wrt ALL type.The tranch are T2,T3 and T4.

     4-Layout "entry" is the place from where "Layout 1" is getting chaneg in data.

     Now the problem is:

     I am saving all the summaries in the different  layout. i.e Type A  has only one value infront of it in Layout "Save Type","save Company ABC "saves summary regarding TYPE A,TYPE B ,TYPE C  and"save tranch" saves Summary regarding COMPANY ABC ,DEF and etc.....

     "And calling them by portal so that the user can just view all the summaries .The problem i am facing is this that whenver i make changes in entry,the changes in summaries respective to layout type ,company and tranch isnt saved in the save layout until i dont go to the layout and make changes there.Its just like changes in ENTRY arent viewed in the SAVE LAyouts untill i dont go the related layouts and genertae sumamries there...

     I want to create an automatic system so that the user could just eneter in the ENTRY and we could get automatic changing in the differnt layouts...please help.....