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Solutions created on Apple MacBook look different on (Dell) laptop.

Question asked by janslort on Apr 29, 2013
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Solutions created on Apple MacBook look different on (Dell) laptop.


     I create solutions using FM11 Pro Advanced on my Mac, they work well in all respects but when I put them on my LAN which is PC based, the laoyouts don't line up in all respects.  For example the word labels on the buttons I created (little pillow shaped tiles) need up/down adjustments to fit on the buttons.  In many cases, the size of the "alpha" box must be enlarged to look right on the PC, and move the print up.  The reverse happens when I "pixel push" the button labels on the PC and load it back on my Mac. (the labels are too high and must be moved down several pixels.  Field hights are also smalled on the Mac than on the PC. So when I adjust on of them for allignment purposes, on a "list" layout created on the Mac, on the PC, I must "fix" them all to the larger hight so they will lign up again.

     I have checked the screen resolution on both machines and its 1280 x 768 on the PC and 1280 x 800 on the Mac.  If that's causing my problem, I will have to go to a lower setting to find one that they both have in common. Any ideas ?