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Solving mathematical function - similar to excel solver

Question asked by Hannes01 on Nov 10, 2009
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Solving mathematical function - similar to excel solver


I am currently working with Filemaker Pro v10 on a MacBook Pro.  


I have a huge database containing customer information (approx 2500 records) and some of the data I currently analyse in MS Excel using the Solver function. In most cases the general problem is formulated as follows:


1) maximise cell "profit"

2) by changing the value "price"

3) subject to a set of constraints (eg. minimum margin) 


The Excel solver is works a treat but the continuous importing and exporting of data to perform the analysis is not only time consuming due to having to respecify the problem but is also subject to transposing errors.  


Does anyone know how I can automate this process in Filemaker.  I have looked everywhere but have not been able to find anything useful.  I imagine that this can be done by writing a script but I have no idea how to go about formulating it.  Any help, ideas or suggestions are really very much appreciated