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Some beginner questions...

Question asked by icecreamboy on Apr 10, 2010
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Some beginner questions...


Hi all, I just have some beginner questions (I think) that I would really appreciate some help on:


1) I have a portal that shows 5 rows. How do I make it show only the most recent 4 related records (by Date/Time fields) and one blank row (to be entered into next). I also want the blank row to be on top, and the 4 related rows to be sorted from most recent (at the top) to oldest of the 4 (at the bottom).


2) Is it possible to have a portal, instead of showing a constant number of rows, to show all related records?


3) I would like a [Cancel] button (essentially a "delete record" button) to be available only when a new record is being entered. (For example, hypothetically if I accidentally hit the "New appointment" button and wanted to undo that. But I don't want a "Delete appointment" button to be on every row.)


Thanks for your help!