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Some field data not showing up

Question asked by RishiTrikha on Nov 15, 2013
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Some field data not showing up


          I have set up my database using a master layout. This master layout shows information from related records that I have created/imported through a key field (an ID number). I have changed the ID number field type from "number" to "text" to accomodate the IDs with letters (e.g. B5 different than 5). My first 50 fields are numbers, the next 10 are letters and numbers (e.g. B5 or E31). The rest of the fields are either just numbers or numbers and letters, however the data that has been imported for these last fields are not showing up on my master layout. For example, I have created a table that looks exactly like my excel sheet and is exactly how I want it to look. However, upon trying to incorporate the data from this table into the master layout via the portal tool, the data for the first 60 fiels show up perfectly fine, however the rest of the fields all have some missing data. Is there a way to fix my problem?

          Thank you