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Some help figuring out how stucture my database

Question asked by silba2021 on May 3, 2010
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Some help figuring out how stucture my database


Hi, I am newcomer to the whole database thing, so please bear with me. I have downloaded the trial version of Filemaker Pro 11 for the mac and have spent the last few days learning the basics of creating a database. Now I want to apply that to a database I want to create to suit my particular needs.

We are a team of 3D Designers creating 3D models and renders. We have Developers coming to us with Product concepts which we Model, Sculpt, Texture and Render for them based on their requirements. Each Product can involve any or all of those tasks and we could have one or more 3D Designers assigned to each of those tasks.

I need help in putting all that information in some kind of structure/relationship. I would appreciate some help in getting me started, thanks in advance