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SOme help on thinking...

Question asked by LuisN on Jun 16, 2010
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SOme help on thinking...


Hey Guys, i need some help here.. i am not sure how to set this up


Ok so i have Invoice DB, Sales Order DB, and Inventory DB.  heres what i need to do.


someone orders something thats in inventory, fine. add it to the line item move on. BUT client wants to order something "Custom". So we skip the insert of the "Item / Part # " thats from inventory and we just type into the description , Wheel 20" etc as example.


Now this "Special order" is from Company A ok.


Lets say that same client wants to order another item, Custom as well.

Wheel 22" from Company A again.

1 more time the client wants a custom item

we enter it in with price and all BUT this is from Company B!


ok now, in order for ME as the dealer order these custom parts i want to create a "Line item" for each item for Company A or Company B to then PDF and fax to the company A and B. i want to be able to when pressing this button it will send the 2 first line items with the correct info to the Purchase Order DB for Company A and then the 3rd item to Purchase order DB for company B.


Did i explain it correctly?