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Some help please.

Question asked by KevanGordon on Oct 13, 2013
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Some help please.


     Hello all,

     I have been asked to put together a database to collect info on Clients, Staff and Jobs. I am stuck on getting one aspect to work.

     The database has 3 tables (Client,Staff,Job). From the Client layout, clicking on the 'Create New Job' button works fine and, once the Job has been created, it shows up in a Portal on that Client's page. Clicking on a line in this portal takes you to the relevant Job record. This all works fine and I understand how it all works.

     On each Job record, I have a repeating field (40) that is a pop-up and is populated from the records in the Staff Table (a combined FirstName/LastName field). This allows Staff to be 'assigned' to each Job.

     What I cannot figure out is how to have a Portal on each Staff Member's page that lists all of the Jobs they have been assigned to.

     Happy to provide further info, as requested. Not sure if I can upload my database to here.


     Thank You!