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    Some labels are not printing PLEASE help



      Some labels are not printing PLEASE help



      I have created a database that is meant to store the informations of the files for a company. So it is like a map to the physical files.

      Therefore I need to make labels for the actual folders which include some information about each file. The label will look like this:


      HEADING Category | File



      Please note: The HEADINGS, CATEGORIES, and FILES have short form acrynoms that are attached through separate tables via relationships.

      I am having two problems when I make the labels in a layout and export them to PDF

      1) About half of the labels do not show up in the PDF

      2) With certain file labels, only the subfile (which is the only part that does not have a short form directed from another table) shows, for example:





      Thank you.

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          Are the missing labels present when you examine your records in browse mode before you try to generate the PDF?

          Do you use a script or select options from the File menu when you do this?

          What do you see when you enter preview mode? Do you see the same things?

          How do you "export to PDF"? with a PDF printer utility or with Save As PDF?

          2) best guess is that the records where you see that information, there is no valid link to the related tables and thus the fields are empty.

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             I used save as PDF

            It is also blank in preview and browse modes.

            What I have done is created a layer for printing labels (called PRINT).

            I have made relationships to separate tables. CATEGORY, HEADING, FILE each have their own tables with two fields each. One field is for the full name of the category, heading, file and the other is for the short form (CAT, HEAD, FIL).

            In PRINT I have merged the fields for the different short forms form the different tables. The values that come from different tables are the ones that are blank.

            I managed to get the short forms in there (instead of the long name for CATEGORY, FILE, SUBFILE) in a different layer than PRINT. However, I noticed that they are mismatched. Instead of CATEGORY X, HEADING X, FILE X its like CATEGORY X, HEADING Z, FILE Y.


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              "short forms" "long name"

              What exactly do you mean by that?

              I suspect that your mean "long name" to be:


              and "short form" to be


              If so, that's your problem, you need to use

              tableOccurrenceName::FieldName in your <<MergeFields>>

              The tableoccurrencename is the name of a "box" found in manage | database | Relationships and you should select the one that correctly links to the table occurrence selected in Layout Setup | Show Records from for your layout. The best way for a novice to do this is to use the Insert menu to insert the merge fields onto your layout and select from the correct "table" in the specify fields drop down.