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some new user questions: check boxes, date conversion, date range

Question asked by JamesPickett on Feb 20, 2012
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some new user questions: check boxes, date conversion, date range


I am currently teaching myself FileMaker to manage a database of historical figures for my dissertation and am hoping that this forum might help me achieve that goal.  As I am a new user, please excuse any improper terminology I might use.

#1: Managing checkboxes.  I want to show relationships between the various individuals in my database (more specifically, a field should indicate all of the students of a given individual from the same table).  I set up a field to be "check boxes" so that a given teacher could have as many students listed as I wish, all drawn from the same table of individuals.  However, there are so many individuals the check box system quickly becomes practically unmanageable.  What is the best way to set up a field for making multiple simultaneous selections pulling from the same or another table?

#2: Date conversion.  It is useful for me to have two date columns, one using Christian dates, one using Islamic ones.  It seems like a waste of time to convert them manually; how would I set up the fields such that if I enter one kind of date, it converts to the other one, and if enter the other, it converts to the former?

#3: Date ranges.  I do not always have precise dates; sometimes I am approximating a date or guessing within a range of years.  How do I set up date ranges such that the records will come up for any given search referring to those years?  (E.g. if I ask for all records from 1934, I want a record marked 1930-1940 to be pulled as well.)

Many thanks in advance.