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some questions before shifting to filemaker

Question asked by jykk on May 12, 2009
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some questions before shifting to filemaker


hi, I am new and someone introduce filemaker to me.

Before start, I would like to know the following and would like to have some advise.


1. Do I only need to create a database file and copy to other PC. PC user can only just click the file without install anything?

2. What should I do if I need to create a database for PC and Mac user? They are sharing same databases.

3. As I know, databases with some user interface created from access, access can pack in package and copy to user PC where user PC does not need access. Does File maker do the same way?

4. the database file created from file maker with user interface and script, should I just copy to server and users can just link to server and can share this file, it is a proper way? or

5. create a web bases file and copy to server where users can access by IE, firefox or safari?

Sorry for two any questions.