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    Something Changed



      Something Changed


      I need help trying to figure out what changed.

      Yesterday the Name and class field populated correctly. Today it does not.

      I've looked at the tables from both days. They are the same.

      The table from today, that this is populated from has both ids, name and class populated.

      I checked the relationship graph it looks the same.

      Todays name and class field will populate some of the names and classes but not all of them... in the example.

      If it were in the relationship, it would not populate any of the names from the table occurrence.

      The value list this populates from is the same for both days.

      What am i missing?

      I moved the dual field over so you can see that they are populated.


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          You do not give enough details of what you are trying to do.   Are you populating a portal?  From the screen shot it does not look like a portal.   You have not stated anything about the relationship you have setup, only that you have one.   If you have a portal setup do you have a filter on the portal.   What table is the layout based on?  Again, too much missing information.