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Something changed in the relationship...

Question asked by FrankConversation on Jun 15, 2010
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Something changed in the relationship...


I maintain a pretty simple database for keeping track of loaner hearing aids. There's really only three tables: Customers, Orders, and Hearing Aids. Customers relates to Orders by Customer ID and Orders relates to Hearing Aids by Hearing Aid ID.


This worked great for about the first thirty orders, then I went in and made some modifications to the database a few days ago, mostly (what I thought were) cosmetic. However, when I entered an order today the drop down menu in Orders which normally displays data from Customers::Name longer worked. I would click on the arrow but no drop down would appear. I thought something might have changed with the way the relationship was set up but it's still by Customer ID. I tried editing the relationship to "allow creation of records" in the Customer table and while this made the drop down menu work again (yay) it would also create a new Customer ID for the already-existing customer (boo).


What am I missing here? I'm sure it's something glaringly obvious but between this and Crystal Reports being difficult today I am losing my mind. Thanks!