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Something simple? can someone help me please?

Question asked by Stuee on Jul 18, 2011
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Something simple? can someone help me please?


im trying to help a computer illiterate friend with a simple thing for him to use for pricing but cant work out how to do it.

I have 1 table


In that table i have

Prod_Id - indexed

Product Category

Product name

Product size

Product Colour

Buy Price

Sale Price

I have 2 layouts

"Price List"

"Product input"

What i want to do is add some products into the db on the product input page then one the Price list a couple of drop down lists based on the product category, size and colour and when they are selected in a box below shows the item name, item colour, item size and sale price.

I just cant get my head around portals and been trying for hours to get one going but cant.

any help appreciated.