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    Something wrong with my xls but I don't know where



      Something wrong with my xls but I don't know where


           The web site http://www.tcmb.gov.tr/kurlar/today.xml is publishing the latest currencies in Turkey. To get them I have created the xls file as:


           <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
           <xsl:stylesheet xmlns:xsl="http://www.w3.org/1999/XSL/Transform" version="1.0">
           <xsl:template match="/*">
           <FMPXMLRESULT xmlns="http://www.filemaker.com/fmpxmlresult">
           <PRODUCT BUILD="" NAME="" VERSION=""/>
           <DATABASE DATEFORMAT="M/d/yyyy" LAYOUT="" NAME="" RECORDS="{count(/*/*)}" TIMEFORMAT="h:mm:ss a"/>
           <xsl:for-each select="/*/*[position()=1]/*">
           <xsl:attribute name="EMPTYOK">YES</xsl:attribute>
           <xsl:attribute name="MAXREPEAT">1</xsl:attribute>
           <xsl:attribute name="NAME"><xsl:value-of select="name()"/></xsl:attribute>
           <xsl:attribute name="TYPE">TEXT</xsl:attribute>
           <xsl:attribute name="FOUND"><xsl:value-of select="count(child::*)"/></xsl:attribute>
           <xsl:for-each select="child::*">
           <xsl:attribute name="MODID">0</xsl:attribute>
           <xsl:attribute name="RECORDID">0</xsl:attribute>
           <xsl:for-each select="child::*">
           <xsl:value-of select="."/>
           But it is giving an error as it is at the attachment.
           I can not find where I am doing the mistake can you help me.