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Sometimes global field in header become disabled

Question asked by ajmiller on Oct 22, 2009
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Sometimes global field in header become disabled


I'm using FileMaker Pro Advanced 10v3 on Mac OS X 10.5.8


I have several layouts used in list view that have global text fields in the header part. These global fields contain values used to filter the records via a triggered script that performs a find command. Often the globals fields on the layout are set up to be entered with a popup menu or drop down box. I find that if the current record is scrolled far enough out of view, the global fields in the header part become disabled. This behavior cannot be detected if all the records fit within the window. It does not seem to matter whether the global field is a popup, a drop down, or a plain edit box, nor does it matter whether there is a trigger on the field.


Curiously, I have one layout that uses a global number field in a similar fashion, and it always causes the current record to scroll into view when the global field is entered. The only differences are that the type is numeric and not text, and that it is a drop down list using a field-based value list and not a custom value list.


This behavior seems like an interface bug in Filemaker layouts.


I can provide a sample file.