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    Sort a value field in my preferred order



      Sort a value field in my preferred order


           I have a field that is used as a value list. 


                Brand new


                Collectible as new


                Collectible very good etc.

           I want the fields to appear in this order in my value list. But they appear either in alphabetical order or in the order of their matching fields. I don't want either. I want them to appear as above.

           Its only a minor detail. But it would make it easier to use.

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               How many values are in this list?

               Does the value list use only a single field in Manage | Value lists?

               If you only need one field and the list is fairly small (Say 50 or less...)

               Then this method can be used:

               Define a number field in your value table, SortOrder, Put simple, small numbers in this field to determine the order you want for your values.

               Define a calculation field:

               Substitute ( 10^SortOrder - 1 ; 9 ; " " )

               Select text as the result type.

               This calculation returns a single space character for a sort order of 1, 2 spaces for a sort order of 2, etc.

               Specify this calculation field as the second field in your value list and specify that the values sort on this second field.