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Sort by Date

Question asked by chf on Mar 24, 2015
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Sort by Date


I am having a problem sorting by date.  I have set it up so that the column header is a button, and when it is clicked, it sorts by that field.  It works perfectly when I click for every column, however, when I try to sort by date, it still sorts by the "stock number" field.  I checked the button, and it is says sort by "DOF" field, but then when I look at the actual sort button at the top of the screen, it says that it is sorted by stock number... I have made sure that the DOF field is set to "date", not "text" as well. 

I have included a picture of what happens when I click on the DOF button to sort by that date.  In addition, the way this data is entered is by a drop-down calendar, so I don't know how the date format could be wrong.