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    Sort By Text Colour



      Sort By Text Colour


           Hello  - I am very new to FMPro so forgive this rookie question - is there are way of sorting text by colour  - I can't see this as a sort value anywhere; obviously there is alphabetical and numeric, but i can't find the excel equivalent where i was able to sort by colour also. Can anyone help?! Many thanks. 


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               Can you post an example of how you want "sort by color" to work?

               Both GetAsCSS and GetAsSVG are functions that can be used to get a code for the text color so this might be possible to do. On the other hand many methods for assigning color to text might use conditional formatting or a calculation and then the same type of calculation might be used to put a value in a field to use for sorting...

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                 Hi there, thanks for the reply. 

                 Basically, I have a text list of song titles that I need to organise by whether they are brand new, finished, in progress, or an old track from a previous session (so about 4-5 parameters). And I would like these colours to be grouped together.

                 Perhaps I am doing this the wrong way and should have a different method of assigning a value to the song, as well as the colour? But ideally they would be sorted by colour! 

                 What do you think? 




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                   Have a field where you use a value list to assign a value indicating whether the song is brand new, finished, etc.

                   Use conditional formatting with expressions that use the value of this field to select the color to be displayed.

                   Then also sort and/or search records on this same field.