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sort calc'd field in value list

Question asked by MikeF on Oct 22, 2011
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sort calc'd field in value list




tblCities fields: CityID [number] / City [text] / StateID [number] / MetroID / CityState

tblStates fields: StateID [related to tblCities::StateID] / State [text]


The calc'd field in tblCities named CityState is the [text] City field from Cities and the [text] State field from tblStates.


Have a value list named vlCityState.

First field is CityID [number] from tblCities, second is CityState [calc'd].

However it won't sort on CityState because "the field can't be indexed".


So when using the vlCityID value list in other table's drop-down lists, the drop-down is sorted by CityID, ie in the order the cities were entered.  Consequently if Atlanta GA is CityID 901, and Vancouver BC is CityID 203 --- Vancouver shows up before Atlanta in the drop-downs.   This could obviously lead to all kinds of problems with inexperienced users.

How can the value list, or at least the drop-downs, be sorted by the CityState field ????


 - Mike