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Sort calculated field

Question asked by willrollo on Sep 16, 2011
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Sort calculated field



I have 4 fields in my List view of my 'Enquiries' table. Company, First name, last name and sort name.

The sort name is a calculation to show the company (if applicable) or else show surrname, First name. The field actually visible on the list view are sort name, creation date and company. I want to create a button that will sort the list alphabetically by looking at the 'sirt name' field. But at the moment is doesnt really work - I just want the sort to look at the first latter of the field and sort using that.

I think I know how to do this, just unsure of the script to get it working!

I am also getting a little confused with all this chat about variables and global fields. I am trying to grasp the logic behind it and have read a bit but need a bit more help with some examples of how it can come in handy. THe databse I am creating is a simple Contacts, invoices, payments database with automated functions such as mail merges, emails, reports and gant charts....


Thank you for the help in advance...