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Sort Calculated Field

Question asked by mk4482 on Mar 28, 2014
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Sort Calculated Field


     I am using Filemaker 11 Advanced and have created a calculated field (called Building Room Combined) which combines the building name with the room number (Melrose 15, Graf 109).  It is also a "grouped" field in a report so it groups all inventory in a classroom.  In other words, the report lists Melrose 15 and all the inventory in it, and then Graf 109 and all the inventory in that room.  I want to sort on the combined field, but it is sorting on the classroom number (15, 109) - so Melrose 15 comes first and then comes Graf 109.  I want it to sort alpha so that Graf 109 comes before Melrose 15.  Both the separate building and room fields are text fields.

     In the calculated screen, I changed the calculated result to be text, but that messes up my grouping.  The only way the grouping continues to work is if the result is a number (which is probably why it sorts on that part of the calculated field).  I know I am missing something really simple - so how can I sort based on the building name in the combined field and not the classroom number?

     This is my calculated field: Building & " " & Room.