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    Sort Checkbox Set



      Sort Checkbox Set


      I have a checkbox set on a layout whose values are based on a value list (table) similar to the following:


      F1   F2

      1     Charlie

      2     Beta

      3     Alpha


      I would like to only display the values from F2, but sorted by F1.

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          go to File > Manage>Value Lists


          In the "Use Values from Field", you'll find all the options you're looking for.

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            This is a known limitation of filemaker and it never made sense to me that it is limited in this fashion. When you hide column 1 you can no longer sort by the values in column 1. Other database systems allow you to sort a value list in this fashion and you can even specify a third field for the sort order if needed.


            Unfortunately, there are no simple work arounds for this limitation in filemaker.

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              Dare I ask what the "complex" work-around would be?

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                I was thinking of a method that I've seen Comment post, but it was for creating an arbitrary sort order for a single column value list and I can't see a way to get it to work with two columns like you've specified.


                The options that come to my mind replace the check box with a portal of related values with a "selection" check box on each portal row. Since these values are now displayed in a portal you have much greater freedom in how you sort your portal rows. If you make the borders of your portal 0 width or transparent, the result can look just like a vertical list of check box values only sorted in the desired order.

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                  You can use a sorted self relationship and display related values and show only second field I would think at least


                  I dont have a test database handy at the moment.


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