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Sort find by Value List - Confirmation?

Question asked by LeoB on Mar 8, 2010
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Sort find by Value List - Confirmation?


I've read the (many) posts on this forum about this issue, as well as the limited FileMaker Help, and from what I understand:


1.  If a list is sorted by a Value List, it will not sort in the order within the Value List but in alphabetical order of the items in the list, and

2.  If there are no records in a specific Value List item then the sort heading will not show.


I have a list/report I'm trying to create that sorts records from a found set in a table by their category within a Value List under a sub-summary heading.  Not all records in the report will have a Value List category and not all categories will have records in a given year.


Ideally, I would like the report to show ALL Value List categories, even if one is empty -- but that may be too much to ask for.  The reason is that the Value List items conform to a hierarchical policy standard and it would be useful to the user to see the found records in that order and to see if any categories are empty for that year.


When I run the report I do get a correct listing of all records for the year under their correct sub-summary heading, but the headings do not seem to be in any logical order.  It is not alphabetical, and it is not by the heading with the most records.  Looking at the found set in table view, I can't seem to determine why the top heading has been selected or why the other headings are in the order displayed.


Any ideas?  Or are my two assumptions at the beginning incorrect?