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    Sort is not sorting for me



      Sort is not sorting for me


      I am sorting a found set of records in order of the grade each student got. But it is not sorting the grades in numerical order on the ipad. It seems to work on the mac. 

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          Should sort the same on either platform.

          The obvious thing to check is if these are number values (grade level as opposed to letter grade scores), make sure that the field type is number, not text.

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            Thanks for your advice. It is not sorting for me now in either platform. They are number values. The field is a number field

            I have a horizontal portal which is detailed in this thread: Horizontal portal. I was hoping I could sort each of the portals. Is there a way to get them to sort?


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              They should sort and you'd need to be careful to set the same portal sorting order on each and every one row portal. The alternative would be to unsort the portals and sort the relationship, but either should work.

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                I think I figured out what was going wrong. If I had more than one date in the gDate gDate[2] etc. it was sorting the records based on the values in the gDate[2] column. I don't know why it prefers to sort in the gDate [2] column. But it was fixable by having only one of the global fields filled.

                Just wondering how to choose which column to sort by if I wanted to?

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                  I should have taken a closer look at the other link. I assumed that you wanted to sort the portal records within the portal--which is possible with a plain horizontal portal (no filters) by specifying the same sort order in portal set up of each one row portal, but not for filtered portals as each lists a single record selected via relationship and portal filter so there is nothing to sort.

                  I think you need to try again and explain exactly what sorted result you want to produce here. (And on this side of the "pond", "sorting" refers to arranging a set of values into a specific order, not searching out specific records so perhaps I misunderstood your use of the term here.)

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                    I think we mean the same thing with "sort". I have five columns of portals. Each column is headed with the gDate field. I'd like to be able to choose which column to sort by if there is information in each of the columns, similar to the one can do it in Excel.


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                      Since the field in each column is the same field from the same table occurrence, there is no way to select one column over the other in your sort order. You'd need to use a different approach for putting your data into columns before this would become possible.

                      Instead of filtered portals all based on the same table occurrence, you could add a different table occurrence for each portal. This would allow you to specify the same field, but from a different table occurrence in your sort records dialog.

                      Instead of portals, you might use a calculation field defined in the layout's table that returns the value of this field. ExecuteSQL is a very likely function to use to do this. Since this results in a different calculation field for each column of data, you now can specify different fields for your sort order.