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Sort issue for records with altered creation date

Question asked by HollisBrown on Apr 11, 2013
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Sort issue for records with altered creation date


     My Database has 800 records. I use two main criteria to Sort the database. One is an Internal Counter that is automatically added to each new Record and the second is Creation Date. There were two records that were deleted back in the day- Records 600 and 601. Last week I created two new Records and used administrative access to alter the Internal Counter and the Creation Date so that there wouldn't be two random missing Records. 

     If I sort by the Internal Counter or by the Creation Date, everything looks great. My problem is that when I quit FileMaker Pro and relaunch it, the Records I only recently created show up after Record 800. The same thing happens when I click Unsort (which I don't regularly do, it's just a clue as to what is happening when FileMaker Pro is quit). I thought that altering the Creation Date would trick FileMaker Pro into thinking that's when these Records were really created but there must be some other way the program keeps track of Records.

     What is happening to the sort order when I quit FileMaker Pro? (My guess is that it's being 'unsorted') What is the sort order when Unsort is clicked? Is there something I can change to control the Unsort order? Or, put another way, how can I get FileMaker Pro to really think that Records 600 and 601 were created after 599?

     I'm using FileMaker Pro 11. Thanks,