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    sort issues



      sort issues


      I have Filemaker Pro 5.  I'm having trouble with the sorting iin some of my reports.  Originally the reports sorted by last name, and now they're coming up sorted by first name.


      I've tried to change the sort parameters, removing first name and moving last name into the sort sequence, but it doesn't apply that  to the data I'm receiving in the report.  I don't know how to make it apply appropriately to the report in question. 

      Other reports are appearing in the correct sort order, by last name.  Hope someone can help me figure this out.


      Emily Demir, The Orinda Preschool


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          Are you sorting your records manually or from within a script?

          Either way, you navigate to the layout where you want to see this sorted set of records, and then use Sort to sort them in a specified order.

          Is that what you have tried to do and it fails?

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            Thanks for the response.


            I've been going to the records tab and then sorting, and then trying to make the change there.


            I don't know how to get into scripts to make changes there.  Someone set this up for me and it's worked well for many years.  I do have the password to access everything.

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              Make a copy of your file first so if you mess up you can toss out your current copy and try again.

              Go to your report layout and sort the records the way you want them.

              Use Script Manager ( I think I am remembering the name right) in the scripts menu to find and open your script. Look for a step that says "sort". If there is one, just close the script and you'll be prompted with a request to update the sort order. (That's why I had you sort the records first.) Update the sort order and your script will now be updated to use a different sort order for your report.

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                How do you open a script

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                  The interface in your much older version is a lot different from the current version 11. I had to open an old 5.5 copy and check the details:

                  1. Select ScriptMaker from the scripts menu.
                  2. Find the script in the list of scripts and double click it or select it and click the Edit button.
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                    I found the scrip that I want to chanage. When I double click it sends me to the report, but doesn't give me a chance to make any changes.  When I go to layout view, I don't understand that I'm seeing.


                    Do I need to make a new scrip - for the report and how do I do that.

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                      Make sure that you select ScriptMaker first.

                      Click the script's name once to select it. Then click the Edit button.