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    Sort of like a portal, but not...



      Sort of like a portal, but not...


      First off, I'm sorry for the vague title, and it's ensuing post.  I'm really new to this, am I'm not sure about how exactly to word my question.  I am attaching a screen shot in hopes that it will help illustrate what I'm trying to accomplish.  Seems like there should be a fairly simple way...

      I have a subcontracting firm, and I'm trying to build a simple work order solution.  Part of the solution will include a layout that I am calling PMR (short for Parts / Materials Requisitions).  On the top half of the layout, I have included the fields necessary to request a part.  (SEE SCREENSHOT).  I'm stuck on the next part.  I would like to have something similar to a portal underneath the text that reads "PMR's for <<Projects::ProjectAlias>>.

      I would basically like for the bottom half of this layout to display a table of all the PMR's related to the current project.  I thought initially that would be a portal.  But it appears as though I was wrong.  I know that a portal is designed to show records from a related table.  I am actually trying to view records for the current table, which a portal will not do.

      Any suggestions?


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          Actually a portal CAN show records from the same table as the layout. It just takes a "self join" relationship created in Manage | Database | Relationships.

          Go to that location, click on the "box" for this layout's table to select it, then click the button with two green plus signs. This creates a new "table occurrence" of the same table and you can double click it to open a dialog where you can give it a more descriptive name than just putting a 2 after the original occurrence's name.

          Then you can treat this like any other table occurrence to create a relationship between the two and now you can put a portal to this new table occurrence on the layout shown above.

          The relationship would look something like this:

          PMR::FK_Project_ID = PMR 2::FK_Project_ID

          if you want to see all PMR records for the same project in your portal.

          If "table occurrence" is a new concept, you might want to read this thread:  Tutorial: What are Table Occurrences?

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            That did the trick. Thanks so much Phil.  As always, your help is appreciated.

            I have heard the term thrown around, but haven't fully wrapped my head around the concept.  The linked post is very informative.  It's starting to make sense why that functinality is available.