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Sort of like a portal, but not...

Question asked by JasonGriffing on Aug 8, 2011
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Sort of like a portal, but not...


First off, I'm sorry for the vague title, and it's ensuing post.  I'm really new to this, am I'm not sure about how exactly to word my question.  I am attaching a screen shot in hopes that it will help illustrate what I'm trying to accomplish.  Seems like there should be a fairly simple way...

I have a subcontracting firm, and I'm trying to build a simple work order solution.  Part of the solution will include a layout that I am calling PMR (short for Parts / Materials Requisitions).  On the top half of the layout, I have included the fields necessary to request a part.  (SEE SCREENSHOT).  I'm stuck on the next part.  I would like to have something similar to a portal underneath the text that reads "PMR's for <<Projects::ProjectAlias>>.

I would basically like for the bottom half of this layout to display a table of all the PMR's related to the current project.  I thought initially that would be a portal.  But it appears as though I was wrong.  I know that a portal is designed to show records from a related table.  I am actually trying to view records for the current table, which a portal will not do.

Any suggestions?