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      I need to create a way to do a sort based on date format of Brazil DD / MM / YY.
      When I select the sort date, it shows in ascending based on the day, but it takes the chronology of the listing.

      How can I set it to check first: year, month and day and then put it in descending order?

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          Put the date in a field of type date instead of in a field of type text.

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            is a field of type date, and yet when i select the sort date, it shows in ascending based on the day, but it takes the chronology of the listing.

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              You can sort in ascending or descending order.

              What does "takes the chronology of the listing" mean?

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                In Brazil is the format of dates (DD / MM / YY).
                When I do the sort, the results appear like the picture.
                I want to list the records of more recent date to oldest, but he follows the value of the day and not the chronological order (oldest to newest)

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                  Filemaker has stored these dates with a system setting that specifies the American MM / DD /yyyy format.

                  If you enter a date using DD/MM/YYYY format for June 13, 2012, do you get an error when you exit this field?

                  What date formatting has been specified for this field on this layout? (Check data format setting on bottom of inspector's data tab.)

                  It looks like you need to modify either the "system Settings" on the text tab in file options, your computer's date/location settings, or both to reflect the European date format for data entry that you need.

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                    These settings are correct?
                    If yes, does not help because I was already well

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                      And what do you get when you enter a date for June 13 in this date field?

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                        On the record date appears as I want! (Fig.1)
                        In the list of contents also appears how I want (Fig. 2)
                        The problem is not with the date field, but with the order of listing on the "list of contents"
                        Do not know if it's in the script (Fig. 3).

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                          The value in the field and how it is stored determines the order produced when you sort records by date. Your original screen shot did not include any day values greater than 13. Is figure 2 from the same layout as you showed in your first screen shot?

                          The records in your original screen shot appear to be sorted correctly if the dates are displayed in MM/DD/YYYY format instead of DD/MM/YYYY format.

                          entering that date was to see if you got an error during data entry because the 13 was interpreted by Filemaker as a month instead of a day. I was also checking to see if you were entering the value in DD/MM/YYYY format but data formatting was then displaying the date in MM/DD/YYYY format--something that can be corrected with a simple change to the field on your layout.

                          I can't read the script in figure 3--too small and too blurry. What does it have to do with this issue?