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    Sort Order in Script is not working



      Sort Order in Script is not working


           The 'Sort Order' in a Script is not working properly. The sort order request in a script is simple enough but when I run the script, the sort order looks like it is being pulled from a previously run script?

           In other similar scripts I don't seem to have this problem. I can go from script to script to script, but with this scriptI have to run the script and then hit "cntrl S", rearrange the sort order manually, then hit enter and there I go. Not quite what I was expecting to have to do.

           Thanks in advance for help.

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               Do you have any script triggers such as OnRecordLoad or OnLayoutEnter that perform a script that also sorts the records? If so, your script may trip that trigger and the records might get sorted to a different order by the scripttigger's script.

               If you double click the Sort Records step in the script editor, do you see the correct list of sort fields in the dialog box that opens?

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               You may need to post your script so that fresh eyes can look at it.

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            Phil - I'm a bit late in responding to your answer..... but the same 'sort order' issue is happening with a series of scripts. Each of the scripts seem to remember prior 'sort sequences' outside of the script and then when prompted via the script, will not sort according to the script.

            It's kind of like the prior sort is not washed out before recognizing the request sort order......

            thanks in advance - RR