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      Sort Order Script & IWP


           I have two reports that I set up for a database. When I set them up, I indicated a sort order for a sort order script to run when the report layouts are open. The scripts work GREAT in FileMaker Pro. My reports come out in an easy to read sort order. Problem is that in IWP, they don't sort in the correct order. Instead of sorting alphabetically by category, manufacturer, part number, and then description (as specified in the sort order script), records are sorting by one of my stock location level numbers. I have no other scripts but this one set to run on an event (I have checked and re-checked my layout set several times).

           Now, I am not very familiar with scripts, and this whole database has been a learning process...so I let FMP set it up when I created the report layout. The script looks pretty straightforward and reads:

           Go to layout ["Network Stock Report" (Inventory Product List)]

           Sort Records [Restore; No dialog]

           What am I missing to get this to work on IWP?

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               Sounds like you set up the ONLayoutEntert script trigger. Script triggers cannot be tripped by direct interaction with the interface via a web browser. The only way an IWP user can perform a script is by clicking a button or by the initial action that opens the file. Script triggers will only be tripped if another script performed by one of those means trips the trigger.