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    Sort Portals



      Sort Portals


      Is there a way to sort a portal from the script and not from the sort portal records?

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          Do you mean you have a portal on the layout, sorted/unsorted, and you want to sort it a different way?

          Please give an example/screenshot

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            I know how to sort it through the sort portal records.

            Is there a way to sort a portal via a script? I will take a paragraph to explain why...

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              That's not what I asked.  You have the portal sorted one way.  I assume you have fields in the portal, rows & columns.  Do you want to change the sort order based on a different field?  i.e. a portal sorted by date.

              Date                          Name                    Number of Invoices

              2/20/2015                Doe, John                             4

              2/21/2015                Anderson, Mike                     2

              2/22/2015                Jenkins, Rich                         1

              Now you want to sort it by Name, descending.  That's why I asked to be specific.  It also can be done with a change of structure. Two common methods are multiple portals on multiple tab panels sorted different ways, Another is by script that adds some fields you don't see so you can sort by columns.

               Also, what kind of script doing basically what?  Just a button that changes the sort order, etc.?

              You can also google something like FileMaker Portal Sorting, or FileMaker Dynamic Portal Sorting which will point you to some FM websites/blogs with more advanced techniques.

              Just trying to get as much info as possible so anyone reading can help