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Sort problem with FM pro5 V03

Question asked by tom.pappas on Sep 24, 2009
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Sort problem with FM pro5 V03


I am using File Maker as a test system interface for filling in forms.


There are 4 records 1 for each product and they are sorted.


At some point while entering data , and scripts are run, the record sort becomes unsorted and the record being used still remains on the screen. (i.e. the record number changes from 2 to 3  and 4 changes from 4 to 2, 1 stays 1.

I can press sort or add a sort to the scripts, however I end up with record one being displayed instead of the record I was working on.  I need the record I'm working on to remain on teh screen.


What do I need to do to keep the records sorted?



Also,  I added product 3 and 4 which sort into record number 2 and 3 moving the original record 2 to 4. Is the order reverting back to an as entered order? if so How do I repair this ?