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Sort Records By Field (more than 1)

Question asked by jakes on Oct 16, 2014
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Sort Records By Field (more than 1)


I am trying to create a dyamic way to sort records by more than one field.I don't want to hard code it which one has to do with sort records function. Therefore I have come up with a way to pass the field name via a script parameter to the script which sorts the field based on the scriptparameter using sort records by field.

This works very well when I have one field to sort by, the problem is I am trying to use the same method on a layout with a subsummary field. I need to sort by the field that I receive via the script parameter as well as the sub summary part. How can I accomplish this?

If I sort via sort records by field it looses the sub summary part and if I sort via subsummary part it looses my other sort. Please keep in mind I want to stay away from hardcoding it in the sort records script step.

Is there a way to "sort records by field" by multiple fields. If I use the sort records by field script step multiple times it only sorts by the last script step.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.