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    Sort Records on Portal



      Sort Records on Portal


           Hi there

           I´ve been reading many posts about sorting records on portals, and even dynamic sort records on portals

           But if you only need a simpre re-sorting on a portal, like first name sort, last name sort and file number...

           What is the easiest way to do it?? Is there an option to "sort record fields" inside a portal??

           Thanks for reading

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               The reason you are finding such complex approaches to the issue is that there isn't any built in way to dynamically sort the records in a portal into different orders based on different fields.

               If the number of sort options are small, the 'easiest way' in my opinion is to put a tab control on your layout. Put a different copy of the same portal on each panel of the tab control, but use Portal Setup to specify a different sort order on each tab. Then you can 'sort' your portal just by selecting a different panel of the tab control. If you make the tab control invisible, give each panel a different object name and precisely position and size the portal on each panel, you can even make this look dynamic by giving the layout a set of "sort" buttons that actually use Go to Object to bring different panels of the invisible tab control to the front.

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                 I did it, and if it´s not perfect, works great for me.

                 Thank you