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Sort records with 'the'.

Question asked by AdamMcDonald on Aug 15, 2013
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Sort records with 'the'.


     Hi everyone

     I have a large database and need to sort records by a field that contains text. The field is for name information and so some records have 'The" on the start of the name and others do not.

     How do I sort the records of a found set so that Filemaker ignores the 'The" on the front of some names if it is there ?

     Eg. Found set ends up sorted like this:

     1. A Day of Fun

     2. End It Now

     3. Please Help Me

     4. The Death of Me

     5. The Mountain High

     6. Why Why Why

     I need The Death of Me under A Day of Fun and The Mountain High under End It All in the sorted set, sorted without the 'The'.

     Any ideas ? Some kind of script ? I have tried using a second field called Sort Name, where the names could be copied to on sort but have not been able to get it to copy just the text after a 'The" to the new field.