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      Sort settings


           I have a database that I have created using the Starter Solution "Invoices".  The database has an Invoices table and a related Invoice Data table.  I had created several table occurrences based on Invoices, but recently moved them to Invoice Data because I needed to work from individual order line items.  Anyway the Invoice table had a very nice sort function using the sub-summary part and I copied that function over to the Invoice Data table.  Works great!

           However, the sort properties shown in picture revert back to the Invoice Table when I close and re-open the database???

           How can I prevent this?


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               By that, do you mean that when you re-open the sort records dialog you see the same sort order and list of sort fields?

               Is there, by any chance a script that is trying to sort records with that sort order when you either open the file or enter that layout?

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                 Only when I completely close the database and then open it again the next day

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                   Which is what I had in mind. I'd still look for a script set to run "onFirstWindowOpen" that might attempt to sort these records.

                   Also, are you hosting this file over the network from FileMaker Server or FileMaker Pro or are you currently the sole user opening this file?

                   If the file is hosted, these are settings that will revert back to the last options specified when the file was last open in a "host" context.

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                     The database is hosted over the network from Filemaker Server.  Can you explain "last open in a "host" context.?

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                       If you take the file down off the server and open it directly with FileMaker Pro, you have opened it as the host. Certain settings such as the value of global fields, previously specified sort orders, what layout was last up before the file was closed, etc. will be retained from what was current when you opened it in this context.

                       When you open the file as a client of the hosted database, these settings are not retained and they can be different for every user anyway. They will revert back to whatever was last specified before the file was put up on the server.

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                    I need to revisit this issue.  I need to calculate the average through put of my production.

                    Each shift has a throughput with is equal to Good Pounds Produced divided by Station Hours

                    The total Production run totals are obtained by summary fields for Good Pounds (Total Good Pounds) and Station Hours (Total Station Hours)

                    I know I cannot just divide Total Good Pounds by Total Station Hours and get the correct result.

                    And GetSummary will not work unless the break field is in the same table as Total Good Pounds and Total Station Hours.

                    How might I then get to my Total Throughput number?

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                      A common work around for when you need getsummary to work, but the break field is from a related table is to define a calculation field in the layout's table that copies the value of the related break field. You can then sort on this calculation field to get the same record grouping as you did when specifying the related field in your sort order, but now your get summary function can compute a sub total.